Creating A Campaign 101: Pick A Basic Goal – Bring Awareness

As we shared, the most common goals of a campaign are:

  • Bring AWARENES
  • Drive TRAFFIC
  • Generate CONVERSION

Here, we will introduce them one by one and offer some advice for each of them. Items to be covered in this post:

  • Introduction of the 3 common type of goals
  • How to evaluate these goals?
  • How to improve regards to each of the goal?

Goal #1 – Bring AWARNESS

Common evaluation baisis:

  • Impression

Common evaluation metrics: 

  • CPM
  • Viewability
  • Share of voice
  • Reach

Impression is the start of a campaign. Your message can only be delivered starting with showing the ad to the audience. 

In this stage, the purpose is to broadcast the message to as many people as possible. But it is possible that the ad is not being viewed, or the ad is delivered multiple times to the same users, or even the impression amount is not sufficient to bring the awareness. 
This is why that viewability is commonly suggested to be evaluated as well. Only when an ad unit is being viewed by more than a certain percentage, that would be defined as a viewable impression. Using this way, we can ensure the effectiveness of the impression that we served.

Reach is also important. For example, if the ad is being shown 100 times, but only to 1 user, would this be consider an effective campaign? Frequency cap feature is commonly used in order to set an upper limit – meaning the ad would only be shown to a specific person no more than the amount that you set, which can help the campaign to increase the reach.
Stay tuned for the introduction of the rest of the common advertising campaign goals.

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Creating A Campaign 101: Defining A Major Goal

Creating a campaign seems to be pretty easy – Come up with a name, uploading some creatives and pick the audience/placement you like – you are good to go.

But, it’s just like doing a research. You must ask the right question so that you can have a higher possibility to create a successful campaign.

Questions to ask before creating a campaign:

  • What is the single most important goal of the campaign?
  • What will be the most suitable metric to evaluate if you successfully reach the goal?
  • Who will be the best target audience for us to reach the goal?

Things to keep in mind:

  • Identify the need of your business.
    Looking at the sales funnel, which stage you would like to address? Let’s design a campaign specifically tailored to the audience in this stage.

    Conversion Optimization / Credit: Joe The Goat Farmer
    Conversion Optimization / Credit: Joe The Goat Farmer
  • Prioritizing is important – One campaign with one major goal.
    Due to the constraint of limited resource (whether it is time, money, manpower), we need to efficiently deliver each of the campaigns to reach one of our top priorities. In short, one priority at a time.

No matter the type of your campaign, the suggestion above can be applied to most of the digital marketing campaigns

  • Display ad campaign
  • Search ad campaign
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing

So, after taking a moment to go through the questions above, I believe you are going to have a clear understanding of your target now. Please keep this process in mind, because it would be helpful for you to make decisions afterwards. Every part of the campaign should be able to connect with your goal, to create synergy.

The most common goals of a campaign are:

  • Drive TRAFFIC
  • Generate CONVERSION

It would be great if you could figure out a campaign with a simple goal just like the one we mentioned above. In the next post, we’ll discuss how to select the metrics to help you evaluate the performance.

Stay tuned and follow now.

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